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Various forms of hypertension patients and their families often have questions about the causes of high blood pressure and high heart rate. It is not easy to answer these questions, because there are several causes of high blood pressure and heart rate high, which can lead to these conditions. In each case there are important fundamental questions about the causes of high blood pressure and high heart rate, because these two entidades - causas high-pressure and high frequency cardiaca-sangre blood are independent to each other and the need to consider; In addition, they can influence each other in various ways. Causes of high blood pressure and the pulse rate normal blood pressure Hypercet support. Due to its effective ingredients such as calcium, magnesium, acid Malic acid citric and glycine Hypercet blood pressure formula works at the molecular level with natural metabolism to promote health. Thus, the normal blood pressure as part of a healthy lifestyle, a good diet and exercise is effective. One of the main causes of the high blood pressure and heart high is the abnormal arterial tone control. Accordingly, which is higher than the blood pressure normal permanently. There are influential serious causes for high blood pressure, but the cause of the most common form, called essential hypertension is still underestimated. Scientists sometimes describe a family history of hypertension. They also believe that there may be an important genetic anomaly. This genetic defect can refer to the permeability of the cell membrane in the blood vessels. The researchers believe that this error that make the hypertensive condition that these patients are more sensitive to salt and therefore more to respond to the hormonal or nerve stimulation leads to some arterial contraction. Stress, anxiety and fear can be due to an increase in arterial tone causes the blood pressure and high heart rate. This resulted from the increase of the activity of the sympathetic nervous system. Hormones and other substances that can relax or contract the blood vessels produce a direct impact on their condition. Chronic kidney disease are often associated with hypertension. Some tumors of the adrenal gland can also cause significant hypertension developed. Structural anomaly of the aorta, as for example the aorta is a congenital narrowing and deformation of the ship, can lead to high blood pressure in the upper part of the body. What attracts high heart rate?The pulse is the activity rhythm of the artery, when every heartbeat blood is pushed through them. The pulse is the rate which the heart beats. It was believed that to do a general health of an individual idea. The association between the condition of the wall of the vessel under the action of the heart was known to the ancient Egyptians. At present, the pulse remains an important indicator of the heart and vessels. The frequency of attacks varies according to age, sex, physical and mental States. When can - the frequency of a single adult range from 50 to 85 beats per minute; the average rate is 70-72 to 78 to 82 for women and men. The rate increases with age and the normal rate for an elderly person is 50-70. This is determined by the expansion and contraction of the artery walls elastic due to the column of blood in cardiac activity of the arterial system. The frequency, intensity and rhythm, as well as the shape of the wave provides useful information about the State of the patient. High heart rate or exercise fever can occur in various situations such as cardiovascular disease. There are many factors that can lead to a high heart rate. hypercet blood pressure High heart rate factors may have led to situations such as a drink, strong tea or coffee, anxiety, tension, fears, stress and even food. Slow pulse can potentially as a result of traumatic injury, trained athletes but normally. High pulse rate is a useful tool to assess the State of the blood pressure. The causes of high heart rate is explained by such factors as blood pressure, levels of blood circulation of the skin and the muscles and the heart rate does not start. Questions & answers (5), you must login or register to post comments. Discuss in the forums. (0 messages) and,.